Show your taste in music to win Big with Jameson

Jameson has a killer campaign that will see music enthusiasts being plugged with one of 100 Jameson Cocktail Kits valued at R5000 each!

TASTE IN MUSIC is all about good music, paired with a great Jameson cocktail, giving you the opportunity to share your love of music and find more ways to enjoy Jameson whiskey. 

This is off the back of a successful Comedy Month that the brand aimed to use as a tool to connect its consumers in the most authentic of ways. Through music, they will do the same, a move the brand says creates an incredible alchemy that is unlike anything else.

“As our journey into comedy came to an end, we realized that our consumers thoroughly enjoyed what we had to offer and so we wanted to continue leveraging the platform that had been created by pulling at those music strings that would further connect with our Jameson audience through the power of music,” says Beatrice Marfleet, Jameson Marketing Manager.

TASTE IN MUSIC is an extended platform that is about good music and paired with a great Jameson cocktail hand-in-hand and gives our consumers an opportunity to share their love of music and find more ways to enjoy Jameson whiskey.

Show your #Taste In Music by following these 3 easy steps and you could win Jameson cocktail kit!

Step 1: Upload a video or image of your song and ingredients

Step 2: Tag @jamesonsa and use the #TasteInMusic

Step 3: Stand a chance to win a Jameson cocktail kit

Check out Jameson's Youtube channel to get some creative inspiration for your entry.  

Good luck!


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