Inspired by Nadia Hearn, founder of Get-Published

Nadia Hearn is the founder of Get-Published, entrepreneur, purpose-driven business mentor and broadcast producer and presenter of Business Talk on Cape Town TV - DStv Channel 263.

In this interview she talks about self care.

What changes have you made to your lifestyle in terms of wellness since the pandemic that supports a work-life balance and what would you advise your clients to uphold for the best results?

Working from home can get monotonous and online meetings can roll into one another, so I wanted to be sure to get some regular leg stretches, sunshine and fresh air. I have moved more exercise session activities outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine more often. I also take a 10-minute break sitting in the garden and or going for a 20 minute walk midday.

Keeping our immune systems high and energy up is two key areas that need focus to keep up with the time we live in. I have always eaten well but I started being more aware of how to support my body. I now support myself with a good regular sleep pattern and a great quality bed. Stretching my shoulders and lower back and hip flexors means I can cope with spending additional hours in my office chair.

I am also now taking daily good Magnesium and VIT D supplements - which is supporting my well-being. Mental health must also be placed on the front burner, and self-awareness is now more important than ever. Many of us have been through a great deal of stress induced by circumstances due to Covid. Keep checking in on your emotions and pay attention to how they affect how you think, act and feel.

How do you practice self-love and why is it important to you?

I allow myself to rest and have fun. Time alone is important to me as well - sitting by the seaside sipping on my favourite coffee or smoothie while taking in the view and airing my thoughts in my journal allows me to free up my headspace for work and strategies that help my clients.

I enjoy regular aromatherapy deep tissue massages one or two a month, one chiro visit a month, and once a week I mix my bath salts with organic aromatherapy oils for long steaming baths with a natural clay facemask and body scrubs.

I do love my beach walks and jogs and find that taking time for myself keeps my spirits high.

Being in an industry that can be judgemental can take a toll. What insecurities have you overcome to be who you are today and what advice would you give others in your industry?

I made it my mission to own and build an agency that is not taking on typical industry culture.

I love working with my team. I enjoy looking for their talents and finding ways to enhance what they are great at. After my first business had run its course, I worked at several other agencies on contract and I had to grow a thick skin. Sadly, the unnecessary pressures of the industry environment does take a toll on you, and it took time to believe in my capabilities again. I had to make rebuilding my professional confidence my focus to heal the damage done to my sense of self.

Even so, at one stage I was so impacted by judgmental people in my trade that I gave up my entire career and my industry altogether. I walked away to pursue a new career. It only took me three months to realise how much I love what I do, and how great I was at what I do because results don’t lie, and neither do happy customers.

Looking back I am thankful that it happened. I will never again doubt my love for PR and marketing communications, my proven methods, strategies, plans and the value of my talents. I will always remember why I love what I do and how it is aligned to my life's purpose.

My best advice for anyone struggling with their industry is to find out why you do what you do for a living. Does it help others? Or do you simply enjoy the parts you are great at? You don’t need to be great at everything, but if you find the talents you have and grow them you will be far more fulfilled.

Don’t be surprised that you are not perfect or can’t do everything perfectly, or that you are not like someone else for that matter. There are many routes to one point. Who knows, you may establish new better ways of being successful that are better than the ways you were taught. Believe in yourself, your values and your talents.

Work on your weaknesses and you will grow. However, improve yourself because you want to and enjoy the challenge! Not because you believe you should be perfect or be like someone else.

Moving a business forward, being an inspirational boss and preserving your energy can be challenging to balance. 

How do you deal with periods characterised by a lack of inspiration or procrastination in your life?

Great question. Inspired people inspire others, right? However, in reality, we can’t always fly high. We have down days too, so showing my humanity to my team is important. Sharing my fears, my realness, my failures, lessons and thoughts so they can learn from the real highs and real lows alike.

Leading by example is truly the best possible way to manage your team. Authenticity is more sustainably inspiring than fakeness. To know we are all human, sharing how we get through and overcome challenges. The most beautiful thing is we learn from others.

Being transparent about your team’s development, lessons, growth edges and improvement areas will make you the best boss babe, leader and team player. Being and staying ethical is the most important thing you can model and live by. This will breed a healthy team ethos and culture.

How do you balance allowing yourself to feel the feelings without getting into a slump that stops you from acting on the steps to achieving your business goals?

There are days when performing optimally is effortless, there are days that are a push, and then there are days where it is just not possible. I use my purpose to remind myself why I do what I do for the days where I am looking for extra energy reserves to pull off my day.

It makes it easier to get up when I remind myself of the difference our work makes. Also, we promised a partnership to our team and clients and if we work collaboratively we lighten each other’s load.

I phrase it in my head like this “I want to do this for my client because” instead of “I have to do this”. It can change your emotions regarding a task and help you complete it in a heartbeat. Breathing techniques are also super helpful to clear the mind and to calm nerves.

I use breathing techniques when I wake up when I feel overwhelmed, before client meetings and presentations, before I do public talks or when I am on my tv set recording for my business talk show. Also taking 6-10 conscious breaths can calm down anger and frustration, clear the mind and heart for acceptance and understanding.

We also encourage being honest about being overstimulated, overwhelmed or overloaded within our team. Not only so we can support each other emotionally but so we can redistribute some of their load if needed. Sharing our slumps and then moving on and over them as a team means we stay a team.

I use stretching and walks to shift my body, coupled with self development and mindset podcasts daily. I take accountability for my mindset and shifting it which is one way I move myself forward. We are truly the creator of our own destiny.

I also have a mindset coach, we've been working together for 3 years and she helps me get out of any difficult mind blocks, where and when I get caught up or in a slump and I am not able to shift on my own. And, yes that happens...

Understanding that we all need support is step one and step two is growing your support network so you always have others that can hold the space for you while you figure it out. You also hold this space for others, as a leader in my opinion this is shown in your level of willingness to show your true variability and using it to connect to others in a real way and finding the gift in it to grow from.

These are my secrets to keeping up with life, business challenges, disappointments in life, and how I manage a healthy workflow. Because even amazing times can be as overwhelming.

What gets you excited to jump out of bed in the morning?

I talked to purpose before, somehow when you know why you do something and get to choose and create it is the biggest gift in life. I wish that you truly find the purpose behind your business, work, team, and mentorship in your life so you know why you are doing it! On your slump days, get a friend or team member to remind you of this reason and it will boost you into an “I want to” space and not an “I have to” space.

What advice do you have for people who are too afraid to be themselves?

There is only one you, you have only one life. I know that is not being original. What I rather want to say is a little harder to hear…

No one else is responsible for your life. No one else is to blame for your mental state or emotional status and no one can change your life but you. Even if you come across someone who is a catalyst for your change, it still requires a change on your part to sustain the shift. No one can stop your thinking from a blame victim mindset.

I’ve trained over 23+ interns and countless teams and am also a practising purpose mentor professionally. So take these words to heart. You always have a choice and you can choose differently. Change doesn’t have to be immediate either. Choosing a plan for later on your timeline, or formulating your ideas of what you want and what you don’t is a great start.

I see women living without financial freedom and subjecting themselves to damaging workspaces. It breaks me to hear over and over “I DON'T HAVE A CHOICE”. It is such a hard truth and a very sad reality for too many women. I believe change starts with making the right connections, finding support and nurturing yourself.

I do know this - nothing changes when nothing changes. It takes courage to take a new step. And paralysing as it is, each step will become easier…

Stepping out and owning our voices, worth, lives, health, financial independence, and education is up to us. Every person should take one step towards owning their full self, enjoying the freedom to be free to build their life, positively impacting their family’s lives and do the work they are born to do in the world.

What tips can you offer for people who are in a rut?

When stuck in a rut, step one is to acknowledge it. You may need more support than you’d like to ask but that is just how it goes. We often want to DIY it all and are not so keen to let others see that we get down and out and stuck.

I listen to podcasts and I tell you 80% of the time a great word of wisdom from one of my mentors get me unstuck. As humans, we struggle with similar patterns, fears and challenges. You may find what you are experiencing as a big black hole is an old pothole for those who have come before you. We learn from others and hearing healthy ways to process our feelings and thoughts. I find it to be the best way to bust myself out.

I also advise getting your support network in check - for the times you feel getting unstuck is a little harder and you need a hand to get free again. There are so many resources, professional coaches, mentors, counsellors etc.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want to be known as someone that helped others discover their true deep meaning and purpose in life, and supported them to live it in what they do in their work, businesses and life.

What is a song that describes you at the moment?

Depeche Mode - "Just Can't Get Enough". I just can’t seem to get enough of seeing others reaching new achievements and reaching their dreams, living their true purpose while they also helping others - oh how much we can still create!

Top 5 things you'd want to take with you anywhere you go (non-necessities).

Soft lips lip balm, my fav hair clip, my fabulous comfy throw, my vanilla chai tea, my doggie baby Staffie Pepper (6yrs). 

What is your favorite;

Wine: Love good full-body reds: Merlot and Pinotage. Kanonkop is my fav wine. 

Restaurant: Wang Thai - Lagoon Beach.

Holiday destination: Westcoast & Garden Route in Western Cape.


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